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Getting past the negative stigma often associated with the word “therapy” is one of the first steps of a therapeutic process. Befriending ourselves and getting to know others in that way too – especially our dearest loved one will help us gain more understanding, which will leave us to a fulfilling relationship and a fulfilling life – individually and together.

If you and your partner – boyfriend, girlfriend, husband or wife – are looking for a Couples therapist in Santa Monica, CA or engage in a session with a marriage counselor in the Santa Monica area, let me help you and your partner reach a whole new level together in your relationship.

Couples therapist in Santa Monica, CA:

When to get marriage counseling?
Couples therapist in Santa Monica, California: Couples Therapy Techniques
What does couples counseling consist of?

Marriage counseling tips

As an experienced Santa Monica Marriage Counselor and licensed therapist for couples counseling Santa Monica, I can definitely help you and your partner through the relationship or marriage counseling process, through whatever issues might be between you two as partners or even to check up on you, regardless of whether things are going well or not so at that time.

As a licensed therapist in couples therapy Santa Monica, CA, I am here to help you as best as I can see the best in you. Here are a few marriage counseling tips to help you and your loved one before you go in for counseling:

  1. Accept persistent differences: Having individual differences makes us human. Acknowledging and accepting them doesn’t mean you have to agree with them – just be respectful of them.
  2. Engage in couple time: It’s easy to get swept away by a busy life. Make sure to always take the time to focus on just the two of you.
  3. Acknowledge your mistakes: Everyone makes them. When you know you have done wrong, swallow your pride and apologize out loud. By admitting your fault you’re letting go of the control that the mistake might have had in your life and giving your relationship the chance to make amends.

Frequently asked questions answered by Stefani Reitter, LMFT –

Couples therapist in Santa Monica, California

I know that navigating through unknown waters can be a bit scary but engaging in intensive couples therapy can not only help you and your partner grow but it can also teach you a lot about yourself.

I know that you might have plenty of questions – especially even before your very first session. Here are some FAQs that I have gotten before a couple will come in for therapy:

What does couples counseling consist of?

There are a few therapeutic approaches that I use when working with an individual or couple during marriage/couple counseling. The ones I usually use source back to psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy, and narrative therapy techniques, which means that I use the body and awareness of bodily sensations to be able to describe certain instances that otherwise have no words.

These three ways can help us better understand the issues at hand and how to deal with them, one by one. For example, when using psychodynamic therapy, we delve into your or your partner’s past to be able to construct rhyme or reason to the present. When using cognitive behavioral therapy, or CBT, we will take a look at your present thoughts and ways how to restructure your thinking or belief system so that you can grow in individual ways and ways that most benefit your relationship. Narrative therapy offers the ability for you to be able to separate the problem or issue at hand from their identity. That way, they can come out of counseling much stronger than before and create self-identifying solutions to carry with them if another problem or the same one occurs again.

Couples therapist in Santa Monica, CA:

When to get marriage counseling?

There are so many articles and experts out there giving you signs of when you and your partner should begin to seek marriage counseling. However, I say that it’s never too early and never too late!

Here are a few signs that might let you know that it’s time:

1. When neither one of you are talking – communicating about problems with one another.
2. When the majority of the conversations are negatively-drawn – whether they are leaving negative feelings or form around a negative tone.
3. When one of you is withholding affection as a form of punishment.
4. When you start to see your partner as someone on the other team and not a teammate.
5. When there is any form of infidelity, whether it’s an affair or financial secrecy.

Couples therapist in Santa Monica, CA: How soon is too soon for couples therapy?

Normally, most patients, after having a few sessions will admit that they should have been going to couples therapy a long time ago. Therapy and keeping the relationship dynamic and open can play a huge and important part of the relationship.

More often than not, most issues of a relationship will start small and then eventually grow in size – especially when they aren’t addressed or resolved. Instead of the problem remaining stagnant through the years and the journey as a couple, it often grows into something more deep-rooted and seemingly difficult to overcome.

Couples therapy can help give you the tools and techniques to work together and individually on improving conflict resolution and learning from a different point of view or method on how the other person works.

It doesn’t have to be difficult and it doesn’t have to gut-wrenching – the smallest amount of couples therapy can make such a huge difference in the lives of two people sharing a home and journey together.

If both of you or just one of you is looking for a couples therapist in Santa Monica, CA let me help you be a tool in your relationship to dive into that deeper connection with one another, benefit from each other, and find that common ground again by providing you with techniques that you can take with you, even after our time together is through.

Don’t hesitate to book a session by either giving a call or sending an inquiry. No problem is too big and no space between two people is too large to fix. You just have to have two committed people that are committed to working on the relationship if they both are willing to admit they want to save it.

I hope that this has given you a little insight on what I do. I am also not limited to just married couples, I welcome all kinds of couples – dating, living together, non-traditional, part of open marriages, polyamorous partnerships, and all LGBT relationships.

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