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When to see a relationship therapist
Relationship therapy questions answered by Stefani Reitter, LMFT – Relationship Therapist Los Angeles
Relationship therapist Los Angeles: How does relationship therapy work?

Seeing a relationship counselor for a couple is a big, positive, and forward step to take in the relationship together – especially when done as a couple. However, contrary to popular stigma, you also don’t have to be in a committed relationship to engage in relationship counseling – you can also get yourself prepared to be in a relationship mentally and emotionally by working with a relationship therapist for singles. This is also something that isn’t highly talked about or accepted in the long run, which needs to go in a different direction, especially through your own mind if you need to take the first step in your growth.

As a licensed and recognized relationship therapist in Los Angeles, I will help you and your partner (or you, alone), work through any problems you may be having related to how you approach a relationship and how you and your partner co-exist with one another – whatever that may look like.

What is a family counselor?

You can also view me as a family counselor. Since the basis of any family are the people who began it, the negative aura or problems issuing out from your relationship, as the relationship between the heads of the house, can affect the entire household.

With whatever problems you may be having within your relationship and at whatever stage they may be in – pesky, annoying problems or possibly the cause of the breaking point – I can help you and your partner work through it and get to where you need to be.

Relationship therapist Los Angeles: frequently asked questions answered

Los Angeles Relationship Counseling: When to see a relationship therapist

When to see a relationship therapist is a frequent question I am asked, and to be honest, there is no real, “right” answer. Some choose to see a therapist when their relationship is still positive and upbeat, with no real issues – simply just to learn how to work with one another and when an issue will eventually arise, how to work through it – or I have even had patients that were single and looking to get mentally and emotionally ready for a relationship and work on themselves individually before they committed to another person.

Marriage and family therapist skills won’t solve every issue of a relationship, which is often the stereotype – that it’s a sort of saving grace. To be honest, the therapy I introduce here is giving you the tools and relationship improvement exercises that you and your partner need to engage in to be able to keep your relationship going and moving forward healthily. I do not fix your problems – you do that – I just help guide you and your partner and give you the tools to do so.

Relationship therapy questions answered by Stefani Reitter, LMFT – Relationship therapist Los Angeles

As an experienced Los Angeles relationship therapist, I am here to give you answers to your relationship problems, no matter what they may be. No problem is too big or too late to solve – especially when it is dealing directly with something so important in your life. No relationship therapy question is too silly to ask and everyone has their own journey, so it’s never a good idea to come into a session in hopes of comparing your therapy with those of someone else’s.

If you are looking for relationship counseling in Los Angeles and are part of the LGBT community, are not married or have a relationship that doesn’t look like the “traditional, monogamous, heterosexual couple,” I welcome all kinds of partnerships, including open marriages, polyamorous partnerships, and all sorts of relationships. Your issue is not too big to work through if you and the other party(ies) are committing to it and want to work through it, as well.

Relationship therapist Los Angeles How does relationship therapy work?

There are various practices that can be approached when coming in for relationship therapy. Depending on the situation at hand and parties involved, the technique or method might be different from case to case. However, the way I work is that I incorporate mindful techniques that are derived from spiritual practices like yoga or Buddhist meditation, which has proved to be extremely effective.

When you are in session with me, I will assess the issues at hand and try and come up with the best possible practices that we can incorporate into our sessions. Generally speaking, however, I often find that it helps to involve the body and awareness of bodily sensations to be able to speak out and express feelings, emotions or other things that otherwise couldn’t be spoken out, verbally.

The methods I generally use are one of three or a mixture of techniques including Psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and narrative therapy. By taking you and your partner through these various techniques, we can find the source or root of certain issues and work our way backward from there. Each method is tailored to using a certain technique to pry the mind and implore you to think, feel, and observe one another and yourself.

Psychodynamic indulges the person to take a look at the past. CBT scans the present and inquires about thoughts and behaviors that are occurring now and how they end up forming a belief system that can possibly be affecting your actions. Through examining these thoughts, you can then start to try and reform or reshape this belief system so we can get you thinking and feeling in a more positive way. Narrative therapy allows and empowers my patients to know that they are not the problem. It gets them to individually, mentally, and emotionally separate their identity from the problem, which can instill in them a self-confidence and knowledge that can affect their future thoughts and behaviors

Relationship therapist Los Angeles: what to expect

There are various methods and techniques I use in relationship therapy, which means that every session from relationship to relationship will be different.

There are some relationship improvement techniques I use, like physical exercises (you can read some very effective Relationship Improvement Exercises on this page), that you can try at home with your partner that can really strengthen the connection between you two and feel the weight of one another, physically. I believe that methods based through the physical touch and yoga principles can really help not only you get in better touch with one another but also allow you to recognize certain features to a relationship, like a power dynamic. However, as I mentioned before, this will look different from one couple to another.

One of the main goals here in relationship therapy is to give you and your partner(s) the tools you need to be able to continue working and committing one another into your relationship, no matter how hard it gets, to thrive and grow way past when our sessions end.

However, to achieve this growth and to get to a place where you and your partner(s) thrive and grow, you have to take that first step. By the word “you”, I am referring to all parties in the relationship – because, without the commitment of everyone, you cannot get the results you want.

I implore you to try relationship therapy out and reach out to me and book your first appointment. No problem is too late with the commitment and attitude needed to work on it.

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