Therapy on Weekends

With the busy professional in mind, I am pleased to offer Saturday appointments to make it more convenient for you to find a time that works. I know your life is hectic and fitting in one more thing can often times feel daunting. Additionally, coordinating your schedule with your partner’s can be nearly impossible. I would like to make it easy for you – your life is challenging, finding time to schedule therapy shouldn’t be.

Weekends are ideal for therapy as we have more energy to devote to the process whereas during the week we may feel drained after a long day at work. I have made my services available through the weekends because I recognize that maybe one of the reasons you have been putting off therapy is because you don’t have the time to do it or can’t find an opening in your schedule.

Finding a therapist for depression and anxiety who can offer the tools you need to find relief can be a long  journey. Finding a therapist outside of business hours when you or you and your partner need it the most can  be  equally as difficult. As a Weekend Therapist in Santa Monica, CA, I recognize that “downtime” is often when feelings come up and intensify causing the mind to race. Our weekend can feel like we are simply managing “monkey mind” rather than truly relaxing and recharging. Whether you are feeling mainly depressed or anxious or both, I will teach  you mindfulnesss skills that address these feeling and thinking states and transform your inner experience into peace and confidence. Furthermore, I will empower you to take these skills home with you where you may apply them to your daily routine immediately. Whether you are in need or already have a therapist counselor for depression, anxiety, or relationship issues, and they aren’t available on the weekends, I am here to help… let’s get started.