Weekend Therapy

With the busy professional in mind, I am pleased to offer Saturday appointments to make it more convenient for you to find a time that works. I know your life is hectic and fitting in one more thing can often times feel daunting. Additionally, coordinating your schedule with your partner’s can be nearly impossible. I would like to make it easy for you – your life is challenging, finding time to schedule therapy shouldn’t be.

Weekends are ideal for therapy as we have more energy to devote to the process whereas during the week we may feel drained after a long day at work. I have made my services available through the weekends because I recognize that maybe one of the reasons you have been putting off therapy is because you don’t have the time to do it or can’t find an opening in your schedule.

Finding a therapist for depression and anxiety who can offer the tools you need to find relief can be a long  journey. Finding a therapist outside of business hours when you or you and your partner need it the most can  be  equally as difficult. As a Weekend Therapist in Santa Monica, CA, I recognize that “downtime” is often when feelings come up and intensify causing the mind to race. Our weekend can feel like we are simply managing “monkey mind” rather than truly relaxing and recharging. Whether you are feeling mainly depressed or anxious or both, I will teach  you mindfulnesss skills that address these feeling and thinking states and transform your inner experience into peace and confidence. Furthermore, I will empower you to take these skills home with you where you may apply them to your daily routine immediately. Whether you are in need or already have a therapist counselor for depression, anxiety, or relationship issues, and they aren’t available on the weekends, I am here to help… let’s get started.

On this page: Santa Monica Therapist for depression and Anxiety Depression and anxiety therapy techniques Relationship and family therapy on weekends Yes, and no. Finding a weekend therapist in Santa Monica, CA is extremely challenging, despite the population size and the number of therapists working in the area. I recognize, as a licensed therapist for depression and anxiety, that many couples and families tend to be together only on the weekends due to conflicting schedules so this is the time that works! Ample availability to book these appointments with a relationship & family therapists in Santa Monica, CA is imperative. I offer free 15 minute phone consults to give you a sample of how I work before you book. I invite you to take advantage of this offering and the opportunity to enhance your family’s wellbeing.  

Santa Monica Therapist for depression and Anxiety

I look at symptoms of anxiety and depression as our brains way of telling us something needs attention. It’s like a toddler pulling on our pant leg saying, “Hey, I need attention down here.” In session, I will invite you to slow down, tune in, and explore what’s underneath the symptoms. By simply “paying attention”, depression and anxiety will begin to decrease while your ability to accept yourself as you are increases. You will befriend the patterns and themes that create your reality and make conscious decisions of what to “copy, edit, paste, or delete.” It’s like a reset button for your brain. Specifically, the way I work incorporates mindfulness techniques from spiritual practices such as yoga and Buddhist meditation. I find it helps to involve the body and awareness of bodily sensations to give voice to things that defy language. The therapy approaches I use most often are psychodynamic, cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT), and narrative therapy. These techniques are described in more detail on the Why Therapy section of the website.  

Relationship and family therapist Santa Monica, CA

When arguing and tension has become the new norm in your relationship, it may be time to try couples therapy. Likewise, when you find yourself exhausted trying to make your family get along, it may be time to give family therapy a chance. Trust me, even healthy relationships can be rocky at times and high functioning families can use a reset. You are not alone! Relationship therapy whether with your partner and/or your children can help you gain clarity on what the underlying issues are and how to solve them. In session, I will help you identify what you and your family’s needs are and how to fulfill those needs in a mutually satisfying way. Remember, don’t give up until you get some help. You have invested time, energy and heart into your relationships so why not enlist a professional to make your efforts count even more.  

Stefani Reitter, LMFT - weekend therapist Santa Monica, California

I am happy to be your “go to” weekend Therapist in Santa Monica, CA open to listening to whatever you may be struggling with at a time that is most convenient for you. Please don’t hesitate to make an appointment today and talk to me about any concerns you may be having. I offer free 15 minute phone consultations.