Welcome To Therapy.

Therapy is part of healthy living just like exercise, eating well, and going to the doctor. Through therapy we give ourselves the gift of understanding. In befriending ourselves in this way, our lives become more manageable and more fulfilling. Who wouldn’t want that? You may be totally new to this or maybe you’ve been to see a therapist before or maybe you’ve seen many… Regardless, I welcome you and am thrilled you took the time to stop by and consider this valuable investment in YOU.

As a therapist, I offer a soft place to land in what can be a crazy and confusing world. My intention is to invite you to slow down, tune in, and explore your quieter and oftentimes, wiser self. It is human to struggle because let’s face it–life is tough.

We can easily feel overwhelmed, trapped, fearful, angry, and sad as a result of living in a fast-paced, stressful environment. This reality coupled with depression, anxiety, loss, traumatic events, or addiction issues can often sap our resources. As a result, we can easily lose sight of what is important to us and feel a dampening of our spirit.

With over fifteen years experience as a mindfulness-based practitioner, yoga teacher, and yoga therapist, I approach psychotherapy from a mind-body-spirit perspective. My work is individualized and client-centered positioning you as the “expert” in your life. With a foundation in mindfulness, DBT, and CBT, I provide a safe, nurturing environment inviting you to expand your awareness with compassion.

Psychotherapy Services in Santa Monica

15 Years Experience

Stefani Reitter has over 15 years of experience in the industry. She has helped hundreds of individuals all over Southern California.

Personal Connection

Stefani looks to connect with individuals on a personal & spiritual level. This allows individuals to feel energized, feel more open and lighter immediately.

Expert Advice

Stefani Reitter offers great advice and provides knowledge to her clients that assist individuals cope with problems in their everyday life.

Quick Transformation

Clients have seen an immediate transformation in their lives. Stefani looks to deliver solutions that help individuals right away.


It is my honor to accompany you on your journey in therapy. To me, this isn’t just a vocation but a deeply fulfilling and humbling opportunity to connect from a place of spirit. Once you become skilled at aligning your life with your spirit, you will feel energized, more open, and lighter almost immediately. In order for this shift to endure, you will need to continue to tap into your inner self and allow it to increasingly guide you in all that you do.

I will suggest ways for you to stay connected both through simple, daily rituals and through exploring deeper issues that lead to more authentic life choices. Remember, the goal is not to keep you in therapy forever, but to help you spread your wings and fly.

Client Focus

Adolescents | Teenagers (14 to 19)







Family Conflict


Sexual Abuse

Women’s Issues

Trauma PTSD

Pregnancy | Postpartum







So grateful to have found a therapist as intelligent and interested and kind as Stefani. Over the course of three months she helped me navigate a period of exciting (and nerve-wracking!) career opportunities with more self-awareness and self-trust. I work in a creative field and she brings the sort of creativity and openness to her vocation that I aspire to bring to my own. Stefani’s the real deal.

Dave P

Stefanie Reitter is an excellent therapist! She is warm, personable and professional. What I especially appreciate about Stefanie is she truly understands the mind-body-spirit connection and she integrates that in her practice. I have referred clients to Stefanie for both individual therapy and her powerful mindfulness groups and they have been very satisfied!

Amy M

Patient and understanding, compassionate with what she does, and knowledgable in many aspects. She was able to help address many of my concerns such as addiction, codependency and childhood trauma while being nonjudgmental and giving unconditional support. Stefani is my ideal therapist.

Barrie L

Stefani is amazing. She is able to communicate at a very deep level. This is coupled with the fact that she is very sensitive to what you say. Because of this her ability to understand you and help is much greater. She is able to slow down the world and turn down your anxiety. This helps you tune in to your own life and improve the things that you want to change or address. I have been extremely impressed with her performance and professional ability. Highly recommended.

Ja M

I’ve had a lot of therapists throughout the years and I feel Stefani will be my last because she truly cares about my healing and commits to showing up 100% even when I want to bolt because I am facing my fears. Her style is fun, comforting, intellectual and empowering. She encourages me to practice self -soothing techniques, reminds me to leverage high vibe thinking and cheers me on for being fully expressed and authentic.

Stefani sends articles and videos to support topics we discussed in a session. She has supported me through major life transitions: moving across the country, egg freezing, turning 40, losing my job, starting a new job and dating in LA ( which that topic itself is meaty ). This a true testament to Stefani’s expertise. Mostly importantly she has helped me get out of my head and ego and connected to my body and spirit.

Call her now! (Just don’t try and take my time slot )

Annie S

Stefani is such a compassionate and empowering therapist. I tried multiple therapists before her that were not quite right, and I am so grateful that I found her. She is thoughtful, sympathetic, and encouraging. I have referred my closest friends to her, and I would recommend her to anyone in need of a brilliant therapist!

Joe H

Stefani is truly meant to be a therapist! From day 1 we instantly connected. It was easy, and felt right, to open up to her and discuss my history. I have been to my fair share of therapist in the past and often find that this is the most difficult part. She made it feel effortless, and non-judge mental.

The immense amount of healing I’ve felt and experienced since seeing her is inexplicable! I try to tell her every session how truly grateful I am for her. I would not be in the place I am in life without her! We still have a ways to go but I am confident she and I will get there together!

Giavanna A

Stefani uses a therapeutic technique called Phoenix Rising – which incorporates breath work, yoga, mindfulness and body awareness into a therapy session. Personally, I find this far more challenging (in a good way), instructive and effective than traditional talk therapy. She also occasionally incorporates Rosie the Therapy Dog into sessions. Rosie’s presence truly has a positive impact and only enhances the caring, compassionate atmosphere that makes the often times difficult work more manageable. I highly recommend working with Stefani and give her five stars.

Jon M

Stefani is an amazing therapist! I have had the good fortune of working with her for over two years. She is extremely compassionate and empathetic. I always feel that she genuinely cares about my well being and that she wants the best for me. As my goals in therapy have changed over time, she has quickly adapted to ensure that my current concerns are being addressed. She makes me feel heard, and she makes me feel that my concerns are valid. Also, she is able to incorporate unique yoga therapy techniques that can address issues in ways that traditional talk therapy can’t. As I recently told her, I think she is the Lady Gaga of therapy (meaning she is the very best!)

Benjamin M

Stefani is amazing. She was instrumental in my finding peace and learning to let go…
I highly recommend her. The combination of yoga and therapy is amazing.

David S

Stefani is a talented, intelligent and deeply intuitive therapist. She is able to quickly understand your needs and boundaries and can communicate clearly. I was very impressed with her ability to help and heal while remaining empathetic and very professional. I highly recommend her.

James M

Being able to move and work with Stefani was life changing. In a single session she helped me discover a missing piece of myself. It was a voice that so needed to be heard and acknowledged. Stefani helped me find the strength to nurture my creativity in a way that has changed my life. As a colleague I was drawn to working with her after watching her powerful relationships with her clients. No more sitting in chairs for therapy. Get on the floor and LOVE and MOVE with Stefani.

Cindy L

What’s not to like about Stefani. She has a great bedside manner, an active listener and I could not be more impressed with her professionalism. I highly recommend her.

Bill D